11 comments on “Sleep Along!

  1. Sounds like a fun event! I’m so tied up with everything right now that I won’t be able to join, but I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it once done reading! I actually haven’t really read any Stephen King books. When I was a teen I think I read one that was directed towards YA… the title had something to do with a dragon or something? I always feel like maybe I should pick up another one of his books. Do you have a specific one you’d suggest?

    • The Green Mile is my favorite. The Dark Half is also very good, my favorite of his horror that I’ve read. (I’ve seen The Green Mile classified as horror, but it’s really not at all.) Also, Insatiable Booksluts did a great post last year on where to start if you’re new to King: IB’s Guide to Reading Stephen King

  2. I just realized I never commented on this post! I have nothing else to add, but wanted to pop in anyways! So excited for this read-along … almost more than The Shining!! :)

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