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  1. Great review. I read this book for the first time just last year and loved the pacing. Can’t wait to get to Doctor Sleep.

    • Me neither! It will be interesting, not only to see where King took Danny (sorry… Dan) but also how he’s evolved as a storyteller since he started telling this one. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I find that many of King’s novels are slow burners at the beginning. Even the ones that start with a ka-boom like It take awhile to find the main road so to speak. But as you pointed out, the ending is a slam bang – it’s kind of like the end of the fire cracker displays on the Fourth of July. There are so many things happening and making noise it’s hard to know where to look and when.

    I am so excited – getting ready to head to the library to pick up Dr. Sleep. It finally came in!

    • I’ve noticed that as well, and some of his books have been hit or miss for me, partly because of that. In this one, though, I feel like the pacing really works.

    • Well I’m glad you found me then! I follow several eclectic bloggers who do read thrillers, but it’s true, we seem to be rare in the blogosphere. Thanks for following!

  3. I haven’t read any of Stephen King’s fiction before but I have been meaning to give it a go for a while. I haven’t actually seen the film of The Shining, so maybe this one is a place to start!

    • If you’re not too familiar with the movie, you may enjoy the book more, since you won’t always be comparing them. If you want more suggestions, the Insatiable Booksluts put together a great guide last year on where to start if you’re new to Stephen King.

  4. You don’t think The Shining is TERRIFYING?! Man, I should have used your brain to read it. I was scared almost the entire time I was reading it. Heh.

    • Seriously, my brain definitely protects me when it comes to reading horror. I can’t watch anything even REMOTELY scary, but I can read it no problem.

  5. You know my thoughts on this book!! Huge fan of King, but it is a slow builder at first. BUT, he does such a wonderful job creating characters, characters that we can fall within their minds, both the good and the bad. That’s why I keep coming back for me!

    Speaking of covers, I find all the different cover versions of this book fascinating!

    • This was the cover for the first edition. It’s definitely interesting to look at the different covers for a book that’s been around this long and printed so many times.

  6. I just started reading this one since Doctor Sleep was about to be released. I have read only a handful of King’s books (most of them in the last year) but I have enjoyed all of them. I agree, it is a slow burn, but the characterization is amazing.

    I just found your blog and I love the reviews!

    • I’m pretty new to King as well, but I really do enjoy him… The Green Mile is my favorite, if you haven’t read that one yet (though it’s very different from his typical horror). Thanks for reading!

  7. I loved The Shining and I’m very excited for Doctor Sleep. Great review! I’ve started reading some other Stephen King books recently but The Shining is still my favourite.

    • I’ve only read a handful. My favorite was The Dark Half… until I read The Green Mile, but I put that in a different category than “typical” King.

  8. I find most of his work a little slow. I like it, but I never think it’s that scary. The idea of what’s going on is always scarier than the actual action/writing for me. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything by him, and I’ve never read this one. I’m not sure I would actually be patient enough to deal with the slow anytime soon, but maybe someday!

  9. That’s the style I’ve come to expect from King – the super super slow build and personally I don’t enjoy that so it’s why I tend to avoid his books. No doubt he is an amazing author but the style doesn’t suit me. This would have driven me nuts with you saying it goes on and on like that for so long.

    • For me it really depends on the story. The first couple of his I read were epics – Under the Dome and The Stand – and for me they just kind of dragged. But the smaller, more intimate stories – The Shining and Misery – I think are great. (Although I do want to give The Stand another chance, I think I’d enjoy it more this time around.) But… if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

  10. I have this one on my kindle, but am too scared to read it (or any other Stephen King). Thanks for telling me that it’s not that terrifying or scary. I will consider reading it now!

    • Well, your mileage may vary; I’m not easily frightened by books (but I’m a total weenie about movies). But I’ve also heard others complain that it’s not scary enough… and especially today, I think, our society as a whole is sort of desensitized, so it’s not as terrifying as it might have been thirty years ago. I hope you like it!

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