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  1. Hooray for library love! I was actually going to do a post about my local library soon (since we just moved and I am acclimating to a new one). As part of my birthday gift, my husband is watching Small Fry this Saturday and I am going to the library to explore and read in peace for a good 4-5 hours. SO PSYCHED. I take Small Fry to the library once a week, but getting alone time there is a special treat!

  2. I love the library! It just has this calming effect over me. I’m also a newbie fantasy football participant! I’m in a league with my husband and a lot of our guy friends and I’m currently the only one undefeated. Giving girls in fantasy a good name one weekend at a time ;)

  3. I used to go to the library every week and I took my three kids all through their childhoods. But my local branch closed down for a year (budget cuts) and then…oh, the horror, they re-opened the branch at the mall. A library at the mall!?! I absolutely hate going there now. It just seems so very wrong. All that materialism surrounding one of the last places you can go and not be hounded to spend money.

    So I don’t go very often anymore…because I really *hate* the mall.

    • That sucks. My library (which is on the far east side of town) has it where you can request a book and pick it up at the mall (on the far west side). I used to use it a lot more, now I hardly ever do… but I can’t imagine that being my only option. Yuck!

    • It really is. But whether I intend to or not, I always lose track of time, so it’s safer for me to just set aside a few hours as “library time.”

  4. I wish sometimes that I had the same love for libraries that other readers do, but it has never really captured my attention. I’d rather be at home with a book, finishing it, and putting it on the shelf with the other ones, never to be returned. :P But that’s just me.

    By the way, Middlesex is such a good book. He really has a way with words.

    • So, what about a bookstore? Where you can take the books home and keep them? Honestly I love both, I just always feel slightly strange in a bookstore if I’m not planning on buying anything.

  5. I love our local library. We are fortunate to live somewhere with a great (award winning) library system. I can’t imagine moving somewhere that doesn’t have great libraries.

  6. OMG I LOOOOVE NFL Football! :D I support the Detroit Lions, total hardcore fan – and I watch the other games too. I watch Football all day on Sunday mwuahah, even when I’m on the computer and doing bloggy or other stuff, I have it on in the background. The Bears are doing great this year!! The Lions aren’t doing too bad either, 2-1 ! Lovely to know we’re division rivals mwuahahaha ;D

    I don’t get to the library very often for a lot of reasons but I love how great our Overdrive selection is! Our local libraries work in a co-op with each other so they have great resources and selection, I’m very lucky! I’ve just recently gotten back into borrowing from the digital library (since way back before I started blogging!) :D

  7. A huge selection of the books I read come from the library, but I wouldn’t say I spend a lot of time there. Part of the reason being that it’s such a huge system that I usually have to request the books I want. I’m certain I could find more books of interest if I started browsing, but then I’d be bringing home huge stacks of books every week (which I sometimes do anyway).
    I spent a lot more time at my local library branch before I moved to NY. Part of that may have been the used bookstore in the library basement though…

    • When I was in the Chicago suburbs I was the same way. I hardly ever checked out books from my actual library, they were always coming from somewhere else. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Our local library is in the middle of renovations at the moment, and the temporary set-up they’ve got at the moment isn’t exactly conducive to long bouts of browsing.

    I don’t go to the library often enough…and every time I do I wonder how I’ve lasted so long between visits. It probably has something to do with the pile of TBR books I already have at home, which right now is almost up to my knees!!

    • I’d love it even if I weren’t checking books out. Actually, I first started this tradition last November during NaNoWriMo… the only way I could get any writing done on the weekend was if I got out of the house, and I got so used to going to the library every week that I just kept doing it. But yeah, I can see how going might be detrimental to getting through your TBR. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I visited my library in Louisiana all the time and carted home an enormous bag of books every time. I love coming back from the library with a big bag of books and curling up on the couch and reading a bit of each one, to see what I’m in the mood for. That is one of my absolute most favorite things in this world. In New York, I go less often because I’m super duper paranoid about bedbugs even though I probably am not going to get them from library books. I still keep thinking about it. How yucky it would be.

    Hooray for football! I like the Bears, very strong defense. I’m very torn about Sunday’s game against the Lions, because I really like both of those teams.

    • I’ve never really worried about anything like that… but then I’ve never lived in a big city either. As for Sunday, it should be a good game. I grew up near Chicago, so I have no mixed loyalties where the Bears are concerned. (Though I do have a couple Lions on my fantasy team… but rooting for a Bears win trumps fantasy points.)

  10. I’m always jealous when I see other people enjoying their library. My local one is small and doesn’t have a great selection of new books and no ebooks (as far as know, it has been a while since I was there). So I don’t bother with it. I get the thrill of a few hours just to yourself with books though. My bookish escape version is my favourite coffee shop, in a quiet corner where I get lost in reading, internet browsing and people watching. Love it but rarely have the time to indulge!

    • I’m extremely spoiled to have such a great library. The building is huge and beautiful and they have a great collection. And before I moved to Iowa, I lived in the Chicago suburbs, where I rarely spent any time at the library itself, but I checked out books all the time… and if my local library didn’t have what I wanted, it was practically guaranteed that one of the other 60-something libraries in the system did. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve always wished I had a favorite coffee shop!

  11. I hadn’t been using the library at all and recently got a card, and I’m so glad I did! My library is pretty awesome. I usually go every two weeks or so. I usually get a few books and keep them the whole time with hopes that I’ll review them before I have to take them back. It doesn’t really happen that way, though. I don’t really just chill at the library. I think I’d be too distracted if I tried to actually read there. But I love the library, I’m glad you have a great library, too!

    • Yes, it’s SO nice. I wish more readers utilized their libraries. Seems like it would be obvious, but I see so many comments that equate reading books with buying them, and it’s like people forget that there’s this whole other option. I know not everyone has this option, but it seems like a lot of people do and just don’t think about it.

  12. Love me some libraries!!! The local library is the first thing I always seek out after I move (and I’ve moved a lot in the last decade)! It’s the perfect place that makes me feel a bit more like home. My current library is not as great as my last one, but I will still take it. It is a great place to get lost in!!

    • This is the first of my libraries that I’ve really spent a LOT of time in (other than my university library… which you can’t really compare to a community library). Before I was always in and out with my books. I’m really glad I’ve taken the time to get to know this one better.

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