10 comments on “Shine Along: Chapters 34-epilogue & Wrap Up

  1. Who knew this book could be so much better on the second time around?!? And, I loved it on the first time!! This has been so much fun and I really look forward to Doctor Sleep!

  2. I loved the ending, even more than the first time. I knew how it ended, but I didn’t remember EXACTLY how it did, with Jack turning the mallet on himself right before the hotel took him over for good.

    Every time I think of the movie, I think of how much (if you’re comparing it to the book) he sullied the ending. :(

    • Yes, absolutely. It’s almost a shame how iconic the movie is, considering how much it deviates from the book. (Certainly not the only adaptation to which that applies, but still…)

  3. I loveddddd this readalong!! It was fantastically creepy and totally has me super excited for Doctor Sleep. It was really cool to compare it to he movie too, because it is one of my all-time favorites.

    Got my copy of Doctor Sleep last night and am doing everything I can to NOT start it until Monday!

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