18 comments on “100 Thrills and Counting…

  1. Happy Six Months! Your on about the same pace as I was – I made my one year anniversary coincide with my 200th post. I find blog stats fascinating, not in the number of visitors I get, but in the places they come from and the searches they use to get there. I’d be embarrassed to Google some of the things that land people on my blog, but then what does it say about my blog that the search term led them there….

    • I so wanted to share some good search terms… and then I realized that I really don’t have any. They all make perfect sense, and that’s no fun!

  2. It’s not cliche’ at all. I remember when you started this blog, and I’ve still been thinking of it as ‘relatively new’ when it really isn’t anymore. Happy 6 Months! Loving the book blogging very much! :D

  3. Hello! I think you’ve done more in your six months of blogging than I have in my… erm, well I actually have no idea how long I have been blogging!

    Anyway, nice blog!

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful six months!! I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to work together on the King read-alongs. You have become one my fave blogs to read!! :)

  5. Congratulations! How awesome! I love the month-by-month! And like you, I LOVE the map! Even if some of it is spam, I still get excited by all the countries! I’m glad you started blogging!

    • It’s so cool, right? In the beginning I was excited just to be getting hits from Canada, the UK, Australia… and then all these other countries started popping up. I was like… but, I don’t know anyone there… who’s reading my blog?!

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