10 comments on “Shine Along: Chapters 1-16

  1. Oh! Is it a week already? I will soon be sharing what I thought about the book till Ch-16. Unfortunately, I have still not completed the book; not reading it since the last 4 days.
    Because this is my first-time read, I am quite interested to share my views. :-)

    • The week went by quick, didn’t it? Don’t worry about finishing, you still have two more weeks before we discuss the end of the book. I hope you’re enjoying your first read!

  2. Now that the story is all set up, it’s time to dive into the real action. I thought it was hard to stop reading last week. I think this week will be even harder!!

    • Yes! Although I do remember marking this second break where there’s a break in time. Not that that means it won’t be tempting to read on anyway… but maybe it’ll help? I guess we’ll see.

    • I was actually surprised by how invested I was, even in the early parts. I don’t remember being bored, necessarily, the first time around (not like I was reading Cujo, for example…) but it’s definitely a slow starter. This time I was able to appreciate the slowness in a way I don’t think I did last time.

  3. I am totally ahead…but will be posting my thoughts soon. This readalong is so fun :) I’m excited to do the Dr. Sleep one, although I am getting the book wirelessly delivered on September 24. I will have to distract myself until the 30th :P

    • I am lucky(?) in that I’ll be waiting for a library copy. I’m high enough on the list that I won’t be waiting on other readers, just waiting on them to do their librarian thing… but still. Sometimes it takes a week to get a new release circulating, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I’d hope that a high-profile book like this would be high on their priority list, but really who knows?

  4. If I hadn’t done the #ShineAlong in February, I would’ve done this one. I’ve only been waiting on The Shining sequel since I read it for the first time when I was 12 and wanted to know what happened to Danny….

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