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  1. Wow, this actually sounds pretty interesting. I’m not drawn to zombie fiction normally, I’m still stalling on picking up World War Z, although I know it’s more of an oral history (which I WOULD like).

    • I haven’t read WWZ either, though it’s on my TBR list. I’m really glad that this was my first zombie book, though, just because it’s so un-zombie-ish. I feel like it’s a good gateway book. Maybe I’ll read more zombie stuff (beyond WWZ) and maybe I won’t, but this let me get a taste of it while really enjoying a story that was more suited to my tastes.

    • I don’t have much stomach for horror, but I enjoyed “Feed” and *loved* the audiobook for WWZ. They aren’t terribly alike, other than being very smart, entertaining stories that just happen to have zombies. Well, and there’s some social/political commentary going on too. So I’ll add my voice in to the chorus of “yes, read them both!”

  2. What a cool blog. I stumbled upon you on Twitter and am glad I did. Since you seem pretty mystery/thriller/suspense focused, I linked you to my own blog which is, coincidentally, the same. http://www.murderlab.com. If you’d ever be interested in a guest post/review or other, let me know. Cheers,

    • I haven’t read WWZ yet, but it’s on my TBR list. I’ve heard though that it’s really more about the people responding to a disaster than the zombies themselves, and this is sort of in that same vein… in that the zombies are more of a backdrop.

    • YOU MUST!!! I think you’d like it. It’s not necessarily the kind of thing you normally read (or at least that you blog about), but I do think you’d like the main character, and by extension the book. At least I hope you would. (Man, I really suck at recommendations…)

  3. I had heard FEED had a really unique approach. I seriously need to get around to reading it. A thriller just with zombies in the mix. That could be a nice change. But it will have to wait awhile since I hit zombie burn out last month what with our zombies vs vamps month. haha.

    • Well, like I said, I may not be the best judge since I haven’t read any other zombie fiction… but I thought it was great. This was very close to being a 5-star read for me (and may actually get bumped up when I re-read it… and I WILL be re-reading it).

    • This was actually my favorite of the three… and I’m still trying to figure out how best to review the other two. It seems to be impossible to do without spoilers, especially when explaining why they didn’t measure up to the first book (for me).

      • Ah bummer! I’m sorry to hear that the others didn’t measure up for you! Writing reviews for sequels can be so hard. I don’t want to give spoilers away, but yet I also want to be able to give a good overview of it to be able to encourage discussion. I never know if I have a good balance and finally just end up hitting publish!

  4. When I hear zombies I’m put off but then you mention conspiracy thriller and I’m all ears! I think I’d enjoy this one. The only other zombie book I enjoyed was Warm Bodies, that one surprised me with how much I liked it. Great review and it’s going on to to-read list :)

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