6 comments on “Shine Along: Kick Off

    • I haven’t read a lot of King, and some of it I haven’t really cared for, but even though some of his stories don’t always work for me I just love his writing. And The Green Mile… *sigh* It’s very un-King-like (at least compared to the others of his I’ve read) but SO good!

  1. Oooh since I just did a re-read of The Shining, I am bummed I missed the post about that readalong, BUT I am totally in for the Doctor Sleep readalong!! The hardest part will be waiting until the 30th to read along with everyone else. Haha.

    • I’ll be waiting for a library copy. I am first on the waiting list (well, third, but they’re getting three copies), so I won’t be waiting on other readers, but depending on how quickly they process the books… I’m just hoping I have my copy by then! Otherwise I’ll be playing catch-up.

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