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  1. I discover new blogs through Twitter and even sometimes Instagram, from those I have connected with for photo memes. I’ve found you through sj, @popqueenie, and one of her drinkalongs. Many of those blogs you mentioned and many of the ones you have listed on your blogroll are ones I reguarly read, including The Picky Girl, Between the Covers and The Relentless Reader, to name a few.

    • I almost wish that I had tracked from the beginning how I stumbled upon each blog that I follow. Like, I know I followed sj through Amy’s blog, but I can’t remember who came first for me between Amy and IB… and I wonder who led me to them. It’s weird that there’s a whole circle of people who I might never have met if not for that first fateful click.

  2. I’m all over the place, as for where I get the blogs I read. Some are recommendations from friends; some are fellow bloggers who I’ve talked to online or who’ve commented; some are just blogs I’ve come across while playing around online and liked so much I decided to keep reading. I read a LOT of blogs – I don’t comment as much as I should, mainly because I don’t have time, but I do read a lot of them. I’m constantly adding/deleting blogs from my reader. It’s kind of an obsession.

    • I go through spurts with commenting. Some days I really make an effort to comment on all the blogs, and then other days it’s hard enough just to read them let alone come up with anything to say. That’s part of what I love about WordPress blogs is the “like” button. I know it’s kind of a lazy way out, but it’s a way to say, “Hey, I hear you,” when I just don’t have anything else to say.

    • I know, right? It would be AMAZING!!! And even better, because instead of choosing just one, I could get together with ALL of my matches!

  3. Interesting points. I seem to find a lot of blogs that focus on books that don’t interest me at all — getting to the ones that have both interesting things to say in general and discussion of “my” kind of books is much harder. E-Harmony for blogs for the win! Most of my favorites are blogs that I’ve stumbled across by chance, plus I’ve often found the most in common with people who leave me comments of substance, which gives me incentive to check out their blogs — and before you know it, a new match has been made!

    • Yeah, that intersection of interesting in general and similar reading tastes is a hard one to find. Like I said, unless reviews make up the vast majority of posts, it doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, although I’ve realized I do tend to shy away from blogs that are exclusively YA. It seems to be impossible to avoid YA completely, but I like to at least see a mix. (Not a judgment on those who DO read exclusively YA, it’s just not what I’m interested in reading about.)

      • Well, I hear ya! I read YA from time to time (although I avoid all the paranormal/dystopian stuff lately), but I have a hard time finding bloggers who review books for grown-ups that fit my own little view on the world and my reading preferences.

  4. I like this post because it has made me pause and think – what am I looking for in blogging? In participating in goodreads? I know that I am not looking to only discuss books, but I enjoy the coneection with people. Great blogs listed above. I found a new one to follow.

    • Glad to hear it! I absolutely am in this to connect. In fact if I find a new blog and realize the blogger never (or hardly ever) responds to comments, it’s very unlikely I’ll continue following them. Again, everyone’s free to blog the way they want, but it just comes down to what I’m looking for and where I want to spend my time.

  5. Thanks for the mention! You’re one of the blogs I make a point of reading and commenting on too, for a mix of both personality and content. I tend to find new blogs by reading the blogrolls of other blogs I really enjoy. I finally created one last week (you’re on it)!

  6. I have been hunting out a lot of new book blogs recently, because I realised in the year and a half I had been blogging I hardly followed any, and what is the point if I am not discussing and interacting with people who love books as well. I have been discovering blogs via the commenters on the blogs I already follow (which is how I found yours) and I’ve discovered a lot that I am absolutely loving.

    • I am woefully behind in visiting commenters’ blogs. I feel like that should be one of my first priorities, since they took the time to visit mine, and yet… because it’s important to me, I want to give those blogs the time they deserve, so I always think, “I’ll do it later,” and then I don’t. Definitely need to rectify that soon. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Seriously, invent that eharmony site for book bloggers. I mean, not with the goal of us all falling in love, but that would be awesome. I’m one who doesn’t really read reviews. I’m just not interested and usually only do one review a week on my own blog. If I find a blog and it is all reviews, I close out. I hate the idea that book blogging only means review blogging, and rather read blogs where they branch out.

    The number one thing that gets me to follow a blog is discussion posts. So, now what I do to follow blogs is I pay attention recaps. Whenever a blogger I follow posts a recap with links to discussions around the blogosphere, I open the ones I haven’t been to. Then I look at if they regularly post discussions or if the post was just a fluke, and based on that I add them to my read. And then I always read those posts, even if I don’t comment, and oftentimes I add them to my own recap.

    Of course, I’ve sort of stopped looking lately because I’m following 100+ blogs. But yes. E-Harmoney for book blogs. Get on that ;) haha

    • Wow, who knew my eHarmony idea would be so popular?! I do like discussion posts better than reviews overall (and I LOVE your huge list you post every week), because they’re usually universal, things we can all relate to, or at least think about… which leads to better comments and more actual conversation. I do like to get some reviews because they help me branch out of my comfort zone and find different types of books I might enjoy, but I agree… discussions are (usually) what will keep me coming back for more. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I have been blogging for more than 6 years and I still think this is an issue of finding those blogs that are just right for you. I read a lot of blogs, but there are only a handful that I feel are good “mates” for me and that I can reliably go back to again and again for recommendations and similar tastes in books. With that said, I also enjoy chatting books with anyone and everyone … those with similar tastes and those that are not. I like to hear different opinions and perspectives, why someone loves a book, why they won’t read a specific author, etc. I think it expands my worldview.

    One thing that I have found that I love is Book Bloggers International. (Disclaimer: I’m one of three behind this newer blog, so I may be biased!) Over at BBI, we feature only book bloggers via guest posts or pre-established interview questions. I have found a lot of new-to-me bloggers this way that I think are better fits than I have found elsewhere in the social media world (though I then connect with them there!). It provides a nice little snapshot of a blogger, both in and out of the book, and you can even search the bloggers via what they think are their priorities. Like minds can find other link minds a bit easier! We just need to get all the hundreds of bloggers on there now for the one big searchable place!!

    • It’s hard, isn’t it! And then sometimes I’ll feel guilty if a blog isn’t quite right for me, but I still like following and chatting with the blogger on Twitter… I mean, they’re totally different media, so it makes sense there wouldn’t necessarily be 100% crossover between the two. But still, I feel… disloyal? I try to reassure myself that it’s nothing personal, and they probably don’t sit at their computer all day thinking, “I sure wish Charleen would come and comment on my blog…” but it’s just one of my weird quirks I guess. Socially awkward in real life… and now online!

      (I’ve been following BBI and thinking I should submit my blog to be profiled, but then I think, “It’s Book Bloggers INTERNATIONAL, and I’m just one more generic American blogger, they’ve got enough of those already…” I take it I shouldn’t be letting this hold me back?)

      • I totally understand!!!!

        And, don’t hold back!! The point of BBI is to connect with bloggers all over the world. It works two-fold … to feature you as one of the amazing book bloggers out there, but also to connect you with other bloggers that are of like mind all over the world! Definitely submit the form!! :)

  9. I’m very selective when it comes to who I follow. I’ll read and comment on anything that interests me, but I only follow those bloggers who have proven to be thoughtful and thought-provoking in their reviews and discussion posts. I know a lot of bloggers follow back anyone who comments or follows them, and while I think that’s very polite, I don’t like clogging up my feed with a bunch of posts I don’t want to read. If I see nothing but a bunch of blog tours, book cover memes, and the like, I won’t follow. If your reviews are lacking substance, I won’t follow. Usually, I can quickly scroll through a week or two of posts to see if the blogger looks like one who will interest me. Most of the time I come across these bloggers through the quality of their comments. Comments matter!

    • I think I’m pretty free with my follows, but I also don’t hesitate to unfollow. I’m constantly cultivating my feed. I also have several categories of blogs, so when I’m short on time, I give priority to my favorites and catch up on everyone else later. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thnks for your post today. I started blogging a week ago. Yes you heard right, a week. Right no I just have my reviews from Goodreads. I love to read and if I hnever disscussed a book with others I’d still read. But its so great when you connect with others over books. So I’m looking around at blogs getting ideas of for features to use to encourage people to stop and chat. So, I’m going to be checking out a few of your recs as well as pursuing your blog since you got me chatting. Thanks.

    • Well, welcome to the blogosphere! (Although, it looks like your blog is marked as private, so I can’t check it out…) There really is a great community out there. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. If you like thrillers, I’d check out Partners in Crime book reviews (http://www.partnersincrimetours.net/). Whether or not you want to join, I bet a lot of bloggers who are on their tours will be people who review a lot of thrillers :)

    Personally, I mostly find blogs through links from other blogs or from bloggers on twitter these days, but I do occasionally check for other wordpress blogs that use the keyword “books”.

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