15 comments on “Shine Along!

  1. The Shining is awesome. I listened to it on CD while I was driving to back and home again. I had to pull off the road when I got almost to the end. I was afraid I would cause an accident.

  2. I am so excited to do this! I just re-read it (for the third time) three weeks ago in anticipation of Doctor Sleep, but I will gladly read it a fourth time.

  3. I just read The Shining within the last year so I probably won’t re-read between now and when the sequel comes out but I love this idea and will follow along! Can’t wait for Doctor Sleep!

  4. I just finished reading The Shining a few months ago when I found out Doctor Sleep was coming out in September so I won’t be re-reading so soon but I will be following along with the hash tag! The Shining was a truly creepy book (the elevator scenes are the first book scenes that kept me up at night) and I can’t wait for Doctor Sleep!

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