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    • I’ve never reviewed a book when I knew the author, but it’s even hard to rate my favorite authors’ books sometimes. I worry that I’m seeing their books through rose-colored glasses, while at the same time wondering if I’m holding them to a higher standard than other authors. So I like to think those two possibilities cancel each other out.

      • I hear you, Charleen. Still, you do get to read a lot of good books. Most of the authors I know are into Speculative. Some are good, some are mediocre. I am not married to any one genre. If the author is outstanding, I don’t care what genre they write. People like Isaac Asimov and Louis L’amour transcend genre. I’ve read and enjoyed both.

  1. I agree with you that it’s hard to not be disappointed when a book blurb doesn’t actually pan out. I recently had the same experience with The Longings of Wayward Girls, I thought it was going to be a suspenseful mystery, instead it was a contemporary with a bit of mystery mixed in, but nothing that really drew me in and made me white-knuckle read the book.

    I loved The Silent Wife, but I agree with you that it was a bit more subtle than most psych thrillers tend to be. For some reason I think I was in the mood for that (and didn’t even realize it) because it resonated with me. I can definitely see how it wouldn’t for someone who wanted a white-knuckle ride for most of the book though!

    Great discussion!

    • Even as I was reading, I was thinking… this really isn’t bad, but it’s not for me. I’ve seen other versions of the blurb without the “chilling psychological thriller” line, and I wonder if I still would have picked it up if I’d read that summary instead of the one I did. My guess is probably not.

  2. Ughhh sorry The Silent Wife fell so flat! I really do think they should have re-thought their description of the novel. It gives too much away, and I can see how if you already know Jodi is going to kill her husband, it takes a LOT of suspense away. At least (going in blind) even though I knew she would kill someone, I didn’t know who, and it heightened the suspense for me for sure.
    I will have to try out The Burning Air though…sounds pretty great.

    • The Burning Air was very good. I read it in a single day because I couldn’t step away from it for more than a short break. Thanks for reading!

  3. I am way too tired right now to think of the title, but the way a book is marketed definitely affects how I feel about it. If I’m expecting a contemporary and you throw some paranormal or serious mystery stuff at me in the book it throws me off.

    • It doesn’t happen to me too often, but it’s frustrating when it does. It does a disservice to everyone involved: the author who wants the story read by the right people, the readers who pick it up wanting something else, the readers who DON’T pick it up but would have loved it.

  4. I agree with you so much! I think the marketing department in publishing houses should be careful how they market their book, and also, to make sure the blurb is accurate.
    I have been disappointed in books before, and the main reason was that I felt a little cheated – they did not deliver what I expected. And I can’t think of a book that won me over after all.

    • I can’t think of any titles off the top of my head, but I know it’s happened… but more often than not I’m just irritated. Luckily it’s not something that happens often, but when it does it makes me mad all over again. That, and late plot twists being included in the blurb (which you could make the case The Silent Wife does as well)… whether or not it’s a true “spoiler” in that it really “spoils” anything, I get annoyed when I spend the majority of the book waiting for something I read in the blurb to happen. (Apparently I’m feeling extra ranty today, sorry.)

  5. If The Silent Wife wasn’t marketed as a psychological thriller, but instead as a literary thriller, would you have enjoyed it more? I’m just curious because it’s on my to-read list and I don’t want to have false expectations!

    • Seeing “literary” anywhere in the description might have helped, though I’d argue against it being a thriller at all. To me it was about Jodi and Todd, as a couple and as individuals, and there really wasn’t much suspense to it at all. Others have disagreed, though. Hopefully you enjoy it more than I did. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks for letting me know about that. I now have different expectations and won’t be so disappointed when I don’t find it that thrilling.

    • You may very well enjoy it, it just wasn’t at all what I was expecting, and not generally the type of story I enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

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