6 comments on “The Fellowship of the Worms: The Thirteenth Tale

  1. Okay, I love this post. Because you read so many thrillers, I thought you might be onto the big reveal before other readers- I mean you’ve got your brain all trained up for such things. I’m glad to hear it caught you by surprise too, because I think that’s the mark of a good book! I’m picking books I haven’t read yet, so I’m pleased as punch that my first choice out of the gate didn’t completely suck! :) (Don’t apologize for picking and choosing your questions- that was sort of my intent anyway. I just threw a lot of options out there to see what would stick!)

    • I’m curious if I’d have guessed the mystery if I’d read it for the first time now, since I do have a lot more books under my belt than I did at the time. I’m guessing still not though, or not the whole thing anyway, and I really do love how it all comes together. “When I was born, I was no more than a subplot.”

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