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    • That’s the one I switched to as well, though I know a lot of people use Bloglovin, so I included links for both. My favorite thing about Feedly is the mini button… makes it so easy to add blogs to my reader, or just save a particular post for later (like bookmarking but without cluttering up my browser bookmarks).

  1. I’ve signed up with The Old Reader, but have mixed feelings with it. I need to look into feedly and (the atrociously named) bloglovin.

    • Feedly took a little getting used to but now I love it. I don’t know what kind of features Bloglovin has, and have seen a lot more mixed responses for that one than I have Feedly (though obviously any service is going to have people who don’t like it). Don’t know much about the Old Reader.

  2. I started using Feedly when the plan to kill Google Reader was first announced–I think I like Feedly more than I liked Reader. Heh.

    • I like how customizable Feedly is, although honestly I prefer title view so not much different from Google Reader there. My favorite part about Feedly, though, is the mini button, which they just took away! Gah! To make improvements, I guess, but still… couldn’t have left us with a functioning mini button while the new version is in development? (I dunno, maybe they couldn’t. I don’t know anything about programming.)

      • Mini-button? Is this something on the web/PC-version? I normally use it on my phone, but the extension for Chrome seems pretty cool.

        • Yeah it’s part of the Chrome extension. I assume the other browser extensions have a similar feature. The button basically brings Feedly functionality to any web page; it makes it super easy to add new sites to your feed, save individual posts/articles, share to social media… (I feel like I’m in a commercial…) For me, it’s what really set Feedly apart from Reader… well, that and the fact that it’s not going away in a week.

          • Oh, oh! That little transparent/-lucent button that hung out in the bottom right-hand corner, right? That is (was?) pretty cool. I hope it comes back.

            • They assure us it will be back better than ever… in the mean time, I’m missing it terribly and it’s only been gone a day.

    • You’re welcome! I’m usually not good at the “won’t you please follow me” stuff, but then I figured, hey, nothing wrong with a little nudge.

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