3 comments on “Looking Ahead

  1. Although I’m by no means an established blogger, I still get that feeling of excitement when I approved for a title. Conversely, I get perhaps a bit too sad when I’m turned down which so far has only happened twice – by the same publisher – they are probably hoping I’ll take the hint. But nope, I requested a third (Joe R. Lansdale, how could I resist?!?), we’ll see what happens, I imagine I’ll be shot down again.

    Good luck with your review week, I have one of those the second week of July and one next week. I’m a wee bit stressed about it.

    • I feel like it would be nice to space them out a little more, but I’ve already got my posts planned out (if not yet written) for the next couple weeks. So… all at once it is. I will say I’ve been steering clear of NetGalley for a while; I don’t want to be tempted!

      As for your publisher… maybe third time’s a charm?

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