14 comments on “Armchair BEA – Literary Fiction

  1. Great post…I love the phrase “My appreciation for “well-written” seldom goes beyond the style and the lyricism of the words.” Indeed!

  2. Loved your post! I often don’t think of books as “literary”, just well-written and something that moved me. But I don’t worry so much about the classification of a title as long as I liked it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s a tough label. Genres usually have more of a distinction, especially things that are obviously historical, obviously fantasy, etc. Literary is a classification that could be applied to anything. It’s so subjective… I agree, not worth worrying about. Thanks for reading!

    • I think I err more on the side of thinking things aren’t literary when they really are… whether that’s because I think, “I like it, it must not be very high-brow,” or what, I don’t know. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I agree that these are the books that stand out and have some sort of meaning to us, whether or not that meaning is seen by others or intended by the author. That’s what makes any book great!

    • Exactly. Reading is so personal, I feel like who am I to say that one book is “deeper” or “more serious” than another. Why does it even matter? Thanks for reading!

  4. I own a copy of The Thirteenth Tale but haven’t read it yet. I agree with you, I want a story that is well done. I’m not really concerned with what it is labeled as. Awesome post!

  5. Great post! In my opinion, good literary fiction has writing that resonates with you. I really enjoy Jonathan Safran Foer, and his writing was enjoyable to me, but it also meant something to me and there were quotes that seemed really special to me. There were pieces I really wanted to keep with me, if that makes sense. But I don’t think things like that are exclusive to literary fiction at all.

    • Yes, it’s so personal. What I consider a beautiful turn of phrase, someone else might think is terrible and forced (and vice versa). Books speak to different readers for different reasons. Thanks for reading!

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