9 comments on “The End of an Era (for now)

  1. Eric and I go to the library every Wednesday (or Thursday) as part of our weekly breakfast date. We go even if neither of us is planning to borrow something. I love it.

    Our breakfast dates will soon end until next school year, but we are still going to head to the library every Wednesday (with the kids in tow).

    • That’s fantastic. I remember going to the library occasionally as a kid, but it was never a weekly thing. Now I can’t imagine not.

  2. I think that is a good thing to miss, honestly. I’ve never been much of a library-goer, and I think that it would be a habit I would like. Plus, your library looks beautiful, like a place I’d want to explore.

    • It really is. It has some nice architectural features, and they have an art display in the foyer… once you get away from the stacks it feels a little like walking through a museum. (But not, like, the Met, obviously…)

  3. While, as a library employee, there is a part of me that is happy to get the free time, I absolutely get what you’re saying about the summer Sunday closures! So I’m going to share an inside tip ;)

    If you go another block north on Bluff (towards the intersection with Loras, behind the Boys and Girls club), there is unmetered parking. It’s a bit extra to walk, so be sure you have a sturdy tote bag for your books! Plus, if you come on Saturday mornings, you can stop at the Farmer’s Market first.

    If you feel like it, stop by the Recommendations Desk on the first floor sometime and say hi! I’d love it if you shared some of your favorite horror/extra creepy thriller titles with me, as those are genres I don’t often read myself (I read Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick last year and had nightmares).

      • Thanks for your comments, Sarah. I knew there were some places around without meters, I just don’t know the downtown area well enough to know where they are and never bothered to look. (Though I don’t know why it never occurred to me to park at the top of the bluff and take the stairs, since that’s the very neighborhood I passed through the one time I walked there.)

        Enjoy your Sundays off!

    • More so on the way down than up. ;)

      That’s a nice post, thanks for sharing… and yes, when I moved here from the Chicago suburbs, I was expecting flat flat flat. I got here and my first thought was, “Wait, this is Iowa, right?” It makes for an interesting city, visually, but there are definitely times I miss the flatness. I’d be much more likely to make that 3.5-mile walk if it were.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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