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  1. Thanks for sharing these, I really enjoyed reading them.

    The showrooming one is pretty interesting, because honestly, I did that before mobile phones. I’d write down with pen and paper what I wanted and then buy it cheaper or check it out from the library. But there are still cases where print books are cheaper than the ebook (sometimes) and it’s nice to know I can get a better deal that way. But the article brings up a lot of points on how retailers can use it to their advantage. Plus, that just delves into the fact that print books cost too much ANYWAY, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. I buy books quite a bit because I don’t like having a time limit and I don’t like giving them back. Plus Kindle is a draw with its instantaneous reward and sometimes cheaper books, down to $.99 – $2.00.

    • It’s not that showrooming didn’t exist before mobile phones (though I guess back then it was called “shopping around”), but I think it’s much more of a “thing” now that we can carry the internet everywhere we go. And that’s what I liked about the article. It’s about stores taking advantage of that technology and using it to their benefit, finding new ways to draw people in even if they can’t be the best deal.

      (And if my local bookstore had stuff like that in place, I wouldn’t have to feel so weird about taking my phone out.)

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