8 comments on “Booking Through Thursday: Spring Up

  1. I loved both the movie and book of The Green Mile. I would definitely recommend that you see the movie too, but that’s just my personal opinion. :P To be fair, I did see the movie before I read the book, but I was completely unaware that Stephen King had written it. It’s just so well-executed in film and so well-written in the book.

    • Especially after I found out it was the same guy who did The Shawshank Redemption, which was also based on a King story, I figured that I probably will at some point. It just felt so raw right after reading it.

    • The Song of Achilles is on my TBR. If I bumped it up a spot every time I heard someone singing its praises, it would probably be at the top already. Thanks for stopping by!

    • There are a lot of movies I haven’t seen, but everyone seems to harp on this one. At least now I can tell them I’ve read the book. Thanks for reading!

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