6 comments on “Anticipation: Spring Releases

  1. I had the pleasure of working with Baldacci’s editor for a couple of weeks. Very cool, and sat in on cover meeting for the new theme for his back list. Really interesting. Have a few of his books on my TBR to get to…someday lol :)

    • They’re very good. I especially like his King/Maxwell series, which I guess is starting as a TV series this summer. I don’t watch much TV but I may have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. hey, nice to meet you :) i’m behind on my steve berry, but right now, i’m about half-way through bloodline. then, the eye of God. love love love james rollins!!!

    • I do too. I’ve been a fan since I randomly picked up Map of Bones one day… immediately read his entire backlist, and have been following the Sigma adventures ever since. Can’t wait for The Eye of God. Thanks for reading!

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